Minotaur PIM - Your data with the power of the bull

Minotaurus PIM is a strategic product for more success in e-commerce.
With consistent and integrated processes as well as business rules in one system, you can, with the integration of standard interfaces
conveniently and time-savingly operate your store from an app.

Data optimization and data normalization

Your data is your most important asset. Minotaurus PIM improves your data by...

The e-commerce solution for Retail 4.0

Minotaurus PIM manages all your Internet logistics: orders in the store...

Independent of the enterprise resource planning system

Minotaurus PIM can be linked to the most popular ERP systems....

Read data from unordered systems

Minotaurus PIM also reads data from your customers/suppliers PDFs...

Composable Commerce & PIM Systems - The Future of E-Commerce

Learn all about Composable Commerce, MDM, Microservices and PIM systems in our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Minotaurus PIM connects your product information management via connectors with suppliers, goods logistics, the ERP system and the store. In doing so, it standardizes the data so that you have uniform texts, images and prices everywhere.

Minotaurus PIM is suitable for manufacturers, distributors, store operators, purchasing rings, licensees and agencies.

Minotaurus PIM apps bundle data, workflow and evaluation in a Symfony web app. A popular app is the product and image app for internet stores.

The servers are hosted in Germany and at our location in Frankfurt. They are secured by five-tier firewalls. The highly-optimized Minotaur database core also guarantees the logical security of your data.

The internal structure of the highly optimized database core of Minotaurus PIM guarantees best performance. Scaling to your requirements can be adjusted via MySQL clusters and micro-services (Docker services).

Minotaurus PIM masters your workflows and business rules. Embargos are included as business rules in Minotaurus PIM

Minotaurus PIM supports open standards that are read into the system interfaces using AI.

Minotaurus PIM is a modern, high-performance system that you can conveniently operate via web app. All important information is displayed in a dashboard and you know at a glance what is going on in your store system.

You can get Minotaurus PIM as a web service, fully-managed web service, and on your own servers.

The Minotaur PIM web apps are implemented with Symfony and the internal concepts of Symfony are used. More than half a million developers work with Symfony worldwide.

The answer is yes. You can get personalized web apps from us based on the standard tooling.

You will get an overview of your subscribed services in your dashboard. Notification to your web organizer you can receive directly from Minotaurus PIM Cloud service.

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