Composable Commerce with MINOTUAURUS-PIM

New ways to success - Composable Commerce & PIM systems

If online retailers want to harness the power of composable commerce, they need a robust backend. This new generation backend is much more than just a database. The backend that supports Composable Commerce includes a variety of technical features and sophisticated workflows. It thus puts the accent on the most important asset in online commerce: data.

Accordingly, the backend in Composable Commerce is called a PIM system or Product Information Management system.

What is Composable Commerce?

The increasing importance of standardized data

In modern online commerce, data is becoming increasingly important. Whether it's high-quality images to show products in their best light, automated price updates for volatile markets, or tracking for dropshipping, it's all about the data these days. Optimizing, normalizing and automating data are the keys to success in online retail.

In addition, the online retailer needs an error-free connection between the store and the ERP system.


Not all PIM systems are created equal.

MINOTAURUS-PIM is the backbone of a successful Composable Commerce strategy. It connects your product information management via connectors with the goods logistics, the ERP system and the store. It standardizes the data so that you have uniform texts, images and prices everywhere.