What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce is a far more flexible and modern approach to e-commerce compared to a static off-the-shelf commerce platform. In the following article we explain how your online business can benefit from it.

What is "Composable Commerce"?

Composable Commerce is a combination of different modules and microservices with specific functions or capabilities to create a digital commerce solution. This commerce platform can be set up to optimize the best solution for each application to meet your business goals and performance metrics.

Online stores can beset up intuitively and easily . All modules, consisting of microservices, are available in the store and can be activated with a streamlined procedure.

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What are the MINOTAURUS-PIM Microservices?

Modules and microservices - differences and points of contact

What are the benefits of composable commerce?

Composable Commerce is a highly flexible approach that offers many operational benefits for commerce businesses.

First, Composable Commerce completely changes the approach to digital commerce and puts the customer experience first. Traditional e-commerce solutions, where all components come from one vendor, are replaced with best-of-breed solutions from multiple vendors that perfectly fit your store. This allows you to quickly add new functionality and gain competitive advantage early on.

The front-end of an online store can be quickly and intuitively assembled, modified or updated to provide the best interaction for your users.

Flexibly exchangeable front ends are supported by a robust back end. These backends are called PIM systems (PIM=Product Information Management). This way, your online commerce grows flexibly with your customer base.

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Composable Commerce with MINOTAURUS-PIM

How do I switch to Composable Commerce?

Step by step, or in the world of Composable Commerce, microservice by microservice.

You can customize and activate the main microservices/modules one by one. Whether you manage a B2B, B2C, or D2C store, it doesn't matter. Any online retailer looking to reposition themselves can benefit from Composable Commerce.

The first and most important step concerns your data, because standardized data is the key to success in online commerce.

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The MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers