The MINOTAURUS-PIM image slurpers - standardized images in highest quality

What are the MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers?

The MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers are microservices with a specific function: to slurp product images from different channels, sources and formats into the database core, then normalize them according to specific rules and subsequently place the normalized images for the customer*in all active channels and marketplaces.

The MINOTAURUS-PIM image slurpers can be bundled together in any combination in an image module.

Why do I need the MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers?

Nowadays, high quality product images are an extremely important sales tool. Unfortunately, there are no uniform rules on how images should be formatted by product manufacturers - each manufacturer follows its own rules. Not only that - each manufacturer delivers their media files in a different way. Via zip files, internal media servers, web-based digital asset management - the possibilities are numerous.

The problem becomes exponential when you sell products from multiple manufacturers in the online store.

The MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers reduce this complexity by relieving you of this standardization work and automating the workflow. You get high quality, normalized image files delivered directly to the store, DAM system or ERP - if you wish. The processes are 95% automated and constantly monitored after the initial setup.

The MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers and Google

The Google platform plays a central role in online marketing. E.g. online stores need specific image formats for Google Shopping. MINOTAURUS-PIM supports you in this as well. The image slurpers can easily deliver the images in the appropriate Google format - optimized and automated.

The MINOTAURUS PIM image slurpers can also be coupled to your existing structure as part of a DAM system.

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