MINOTAURUS-PIM - Your data with the power of the bull - now also as EU trademark

MINOTAURUS-PIM offers you a fast, secure and flexible connection of the different store modules via microservices. This allows you to quickly adapt your online store to the current market situation. The store and the microservices can be controlled conveniently and intuitively in a clear dashboard.

With its exceptional quality and reliability, MINOTAURUS-PIM gives you a competitive edge with full system control and enables you to make the leap into composable commerce.

For us, this was a reason to protect MINOTAURUS-PIM under trademark law throughout Europe. Since 03 May 2022 MINOTAURUS-PIM has been registered as an EU word-picture trademark at the European Patent and Trademark Office.

Climb to the next level of your online retail success with MINOTAURUS-PIM.

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Composable Commerce with MINOTAURUS-PIM

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