Your digital chain is a collection of complex workflows and business rules.
The innovative Minotaurus PIM web apps simplify the interaction of all parts.


Collects data, images, texts


Loads and exports the data


Establishes uniform texts, images and prices in the system and ensures data integrity


Controls an orderly flow of goods


All items, prices, stock, orders, deliveries are managed in one system


Ensures the optimal presentation of goods so that you successfully sell your products and automatically offers the best price


Sell your products under clear and catchy names

We have the right web apps available for every link in the logistics chain.

This is how the logistics chain becomes a real digital/Internet chain with the Minotaur PIM workflow!

Welcome to Industry 4.0!

Organize your complex workflows and business rules with Minotaurus PIM web apps.

With the Minotaurus PIM Dashboard app, you have a complete overview of all processes and workflows.

The highly optimized Minotaurus PIM database core guarantees logical security of your data and enables industry-standard scaling.

Thanks to our infrastructure of servers, Docker containers and the distribution of containers with kubernets to various cloud services, you always have secure access and optimized performance.

By combining web apps and Minotaurus PIM infrastructure, you can get individualized apps for you and your customers that are still maintainable.

You want to learn more about Minotaurus PIM?

We offer you a 15-minute get-to-know conversation without obligation and free of charge. There, we will be happy to answer your questions and present the possible applications of Minotaurus PIM.